Sunday, September 29, 2013

PRINCE OF ORANGE - 16 x 20 inch oil on stretched canvas

DAY 29 

16 x 20 

I did today's painting with a palette knife and oils - about 3 months ago.  I was unsuccessful with three different attempts at painting a true "Day 29" painting - so I had to resort to pulling out one of my previous paintings.  This one hangs in my home, so it won't be listed at Daily Paintworks.  

This poppy, "Prince of Orange", has huge, glossy, tangerine petals and will last for years in the garden.  

Tomorrow is DAY 30 of the challenge.  The end.  
I'm trying to decide what to paint for the last day.  I have two different ideas and both involve the palette knife.  That seems appropriate since the idea for this challenge comes from Leslie Byrd Saeta, the palette knife artist whose workshop I attended this month.  I learned so much at Leslie's workshop - one thing I learned is that I really do enjoy using the palette knife for painting.  It's a challenging way to paint, yet has quite a bit of forgiveness.  And there's something about the freedom it gives you - those beautiful, juicy colors take on a new depth when they come off the knife in different thicknesses.  A painting can almost look like it moves because of all the texture.  

Done for tonight.