Thursday, October 24, 2013


The 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge taught me a lot about the importance of daily painting if you want to improve.   So I've been working in a couple different sketchbooks, and trying to get in my painting practice every day.   Today's watercolor sketch is one of my favorite subjects - the Icelandic Blue Poppy!  

Sketching it out in pencil, then pen . . .
and finally, watercolor.

Next . . .   

the first proof of,
O is for the BIG OAK TREE,
Children's Rhymes from A to Z
is in.  

The colors are vibrant and everything is looking great!  It looks like the printed books will be ready in the next couple weeks, so it's way ahead of schedule.  I'll be placing the order based on sales made in my Etsy shop plus a couple extras.  If you're interested, the book listing is here, and the personalization option is here.  Etsy automatically adds the shipping cost to the book, so if you're local (Milwaukee area), I'll be refunding you the shipping amount when you pick up the book.

Thanks for the visit!